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Sensor is 4 inches wide, enclosing an eye safe infrared laser rangefinder and 12 satellite GPS receiver.


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EasyDriver® is a full featured rear-end crash avoidance training system.

EasyDriver® is an in-vehicle driver training system to help teach the skill to keep a safe following distance in traffic. It informs the driver about the motion changes of any vehicle in the forward path, providing cautionary and imminent warnings about the danger of a headway collision. It also familiarizes drivers with the crash avoidance and automation features now available on new vehicles.

EasyDriver® helps to teach the relationship between speed and headway distance, i.e. the "where" and "when" to observe small changes in leading vehicle motion and by demonstrating "how" driver, vehicle, and roadway factors can interact to produce an alert in advance of a forward motion crash. Human speech and auditory output help ensure the student is visually focused on the forward motion of traffic and on the driving task.

The training engages the driver to execute safe responses to a mix of actual and simulated roadway and traffic conditions. In response to real-time traffic and roadway events, there are included over 100 context-relevant speech messages, a library of unique crash detection and warning methods, motivational dialog with the driver about their performance, and many other features. EasyDriver® helps build and maintain driver situation awareness and the vehicle control skills that are required over a driver’s lifetime.

EasyDriver® is an implementation of U.S. Patent No. 6,679,702. Numerous innovations were developed by LiveDrive, Inc. over a decade of research, simulation, and thousands of miles of on-road testing. It fuses hi-tech sensors, new thinking in crash avoidance technology, and principles of learning to produce a unique driver training experience. Special editions are designed for teenage drivers, driver rehabilitation, older drivers, commercial fleet drivers, emergency vehicle operators, military convoy operations, and others.

The U.S. National Highway Traffic Administration has shown that motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death in the U.S. for ages 3 to 33. Also, that rear-end crashes are the most prevalent of all crash types and are over represented by teen drivers. Accordingly, LiveDrive's mission is to save lives by enabling low-cost access to a highly portable and full-featured rear-end crash avoidance training system, now in it's third development cycle.

In-vehicle crash avoidance training is anticipated to accompany all vehicles equipped with crash avoidance and automation features over the next 20 years. We hope you enjoy reading about EasyDriver® in the following sections

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